Announcement of the Jury
of the 20th International Catholic Film and Multimedia Festival “Niepokalanów 2005”

The 20th International Catholic Film and Multimedia Festival “Niepokalanów 2005” was held from 23rd to 29th May 2005 in Niepokalanów under the auspices of both His Eminence Cardinal Józef Glemp, the Primate of Poland, and the Honorary Committee. As it has been to date, the festival was also thought as a form of a retreat for both the authors of the presented programmes and the participants of the Niepokalanów meeting.

Apart from the films of home Polish production, this year’s festival also hosted films made in 20 other countries, namely in Australia, Austria, Belgium, Belarus, the Czech Republic, France, Ireland, India, Indonesia, Canada, Lithuania, Mexico, Madagascar, Russia, Slovakia, the United States, Thailand, Ukraine, Hungary and Italy.

Fifty-nine films were nominated for projection within the contest.

The Jury of the Festival membered the following persons:

Jan Szafraniec – the head of the Jury

Maria Jędrzejewska – the Jury secretary, art historian, theologian

Father Aleksandr Amialchenia (Belarus) – media expert, representative
of SIGNIS International

Eugeniusz Jachym – film director

Iwona Romanowska – radio editor

Wanda Różycka-Zborowska – film director

Antoni Zięba – journalist

Natalia Kandudina (Russia) – film director

Jerzy Ridan – film director

awarded the following prizes in the film categories:

Grand Prix

4122 Moje życie dla niego

My life for him

directed by Ewa Świecińska, Cezary Grzesiuk

produced by TV Promotion Fortele, Warszawa, Poland; TVP S.A. Program I, Warszawa, Poland, 2004.

Always faithful. Always at His side. We all know the person of the Pope’s photographer Arturo Mari, whose photographs, decoratively framed, remind us of our encounters with Pope John Paul II. The film is a successful and truly interesting portrait of Arturo Mari – not only a great professional, but also a genuine catholic.

Documentary Films

The First Prize – ex equo

4038 Portret damy – Karolina Lanckorońska

A portrait of a lady – Karolina Lanckorońska

directed by Paweł Woldan

produced by TVP S.A., Program I, Warsaw, Poland, 2004

for presenting a great Pole and a great lady, whose life was a constant streak of steadfast patriotism, love for her homeland, enormous courage and trust in God during the tragic years our Nation experienced.

and 4086 Śmierć na życzenie

Death by request

directed by Maciej Bodasiński, Grzegorz Górny

produced by Akwinata, Warsaw, Poland: Telewizja POLSAT, Warsaw, Poland, 2004

Every fifth death in Holland is caused by euthanasia, and 10% of them are executed without the patient’s knowledge and consent. The absurd motivation allowing for killing instead of eliminating suffering. “Death by request” is a shaking picture of the terminally ill who receive death instead of help.

Second Prize – ex equo

4082 Sudba Anny Ivanovny Abrikosovej

Anna Ivanovna Abrikosova

directed by Joao Cristo

produced by Studia “Otchij Dom”, Moscow, Russia, 2004

A Dominican nun Anna Ivanovna Abrikosova is an example of a person who does not allow the prosecution to break her, but just the opposite way – makes it a way for her heart to grow more stout thanks to the force coming from her unshaken faith.

and 4091 Fr. Justin Figas Beyond the Airwaves

directed by Joseph Wood

produced by Yes! Pictures, Mundelein; Father Justin Rosary Hour, Athol Springs, USA, 2004.

The life of father Justin is an example of the situation where own suffering effects in the great involvement in work for the others sake.

Third Prize – ex equo

4089 Swiatoj Serafim

Saint Serafin

directed by Tina De Egito

produced by Studio “Otchij Dom”, Moscow, Russia, 2004

A story of a saint person called “an earthly angel” and “a heavenly person”, whose life can easily serve an example for our contemporaries to follow and identify with.

and 4016 Anjeli


directed by Marek Polacek

produced by Lux Comunication, Bratislava, Slovakia, 2004

South Africa. St. John’s Mission, a Slovakian nun and African children suffering from AIDS. A shaking picture of the death of those tiny and innocent, and sister Franciszka among them carrying the gift of hope.

Television programme

First Prize

4076 Marie et Jean-Paul II

Mary and John Paul II

directed by Francois Le Roux

produced by Comite Francois de Radio Television, Paris, France, 2004

A film picturing the Pope’s banner “Totus Tuus” – the sign of special trust in the Saviour’s Mother.

Second Prize

4015 Kasih Sang Ibu di Perbukitan Menoreh

Love of the Mother in Menoreh Hills

directed by Isti Purwi Tyas Utami

produced by Studio Audio Visual Puskat, Jakarta, Indonesia, 2004

The people inhabiting the area of Menoreh Hills witnessed the revelation of Heavenly Mother, which made their town an oasis of faith for the pilgrims on their way to Jesus Christ.

Third Prize – ex equo

4102 My, Wy, Oni – Św. Joanna Beretta Molla

We, You, They – St. Gianna Beretta Molla

4103 My, Wy, Oni – Cud narodzin

We, You, They – The Miracle of Birth

directed by Urszula Sujka, Elżbieta Ruman

produced by TVP S.A. Agencja Produkcji Audycji Telewizyjnych, Warsaw, Poland, 2004

“We, You, They” is a story of pregnant women (lead by Saint Gianna Beretta Molla) who do not agree to destroy the lives of the children they carry in spite of the fact that by doing this they could save their own lives.

4075 Marthe Robin – La vie cachee

Marthe Robin

directed by Veronich Beaulieu – Mathivet

produced by Comite Francais de Radio Television, Paris, France 2004

A shaking portrait of a contemporary 20th century mystic whose great love for the Eucharist makes her a perfect example to follow by the contemporary Catholics who wish their lives be faithful to Christ.

Educational programme

First Prize

4008 The Call to Fatima

directed by Thomas McCormack

produced by Euro Finance Group, Dublin 6, Ireland, 2004

The film covers the interesting narration and deep contents of the Fatima call which remains actual for the present and future generations.

Second Prize

4005 Anjeli, ktori zvestovali dobru spravu

Angels who brought the good news

directed by Peter Kubela

produced by TV Markiza, Bratislava, Slovakia, 2003

An interesting picture of angels who accompany every stage of human life as presented in art.

Third Prize

4047 Pavel, dobrodruh viry

Pavel, Adventurer of Faith

directed by Pavel Kubant

produced by Imago, Praga 2, the Czech Republic

An interesting example of the life story and reformation of Saint Paul presented in a cartoon. A counterproposal for popular cartoons – a one that does not destroy but builds up.

Amateur film

First Prize

4031 Nad Jeziorem Malawi

By Malawi Lake

directed by Father Stanisław Rafałko

produced by Salezjański Ośrodek Misyjny (Salesian Mission Centre), Warsaw, Poland, 2004

A successful and optimistic illustration of the general sense of missions, which is the birth of good.

Second Prize

Nuestra Senora del Pueblito, un milagro de fe

Our Lady of El Pueblito, a miracle of faith

directed by Fernando Perez Valdez Godina

produced by Fernando Perez Valdez Godina, Mexico, Mexico 2004

The image of the Beautiful Lady, our Lady of El Publito appears among the pre-Columbian pyramids in Mexico and strengthens the Mexican people with faith, hope and love.

Third Prize – ex equo

4117 Każdy dzień w “Miłosierdziu Bożym”

Each day in God’s Mercy

directed by Magdalena Bromboszcz, Jacek Puto

produced by Magdalena Bromboszcz, Mikołów, Poland, 2004

“God’s Mercy” is the name of a disabled centre operated by the Katowice archdiocese Caritas. Here the disabled find the joy and sense of life.

4051 Franciszkanie w Śremie

The Franciscans in Srem

directed by Małgorzata Jurgowiak

produced by Program Katolicki “Pielgrzym”, Śrem, Poland, 2004

For an interesting and truly successful presentation of the history of post-Franciscan church in Śrem.

Honorable mentions

4053 Zmartwychwstanie


directed by Father Marian Szablewski CR

produced by Ottoway Theatrical Ensemble, Adelaide, Australia, 2005

For an interesting and full presentation of Christ’s Resurrection with realistic set design and bright costumes, all reflecting the dramatic atmosphere and lead the audience through the story of Resurrection.

4041 Powstanie Warszawskie – 60 lat później

Warsaw Uprising – 60 years later

directed by Andrzej Sapija

produced by Fundacja Filmowa Armii Krajowej (Home Army Film Foundation), Warsaw, Agencja Produkcji Filmowej, Wytwórnia Filmów Dokumentalnych i Fabularnych, Warsaw, Poland, 2004

The Warsaw Uprising and its dramatic course as assessed by Polish and foreign historians. A good study detailing the dramas and problems of the generation fighting for Poland’s independence to the contemporary people.

4094 Masakra w klasztorze

A massacre in the monastery

directed by Krzysztof Żurowski

produced by TVP S.A. Red. Programów Katolickich, Warsaw, Poland 2004

The drama of the Jesuits sentenced to death by the Hitler soldiers. The collision of good and evil and a shaking “memento” for the contemporary.

4115 Magazyn “Raj” – Full Power Spirit

Paradise Magazine – Full Power Spirit

directed by Anna Płażewska

produced by Fokus Producers Co Ltd Warsaw, Poland, 2003

Young people seeking a relationship with God through break-dance and hip-hop music.

4040 Ukrywałem Żydów

I was hiding Jews

directed by Małgorzata Pabis

produced by Polskie Stowarzyszenie Nauczycieli i Wychowawców (Polish Teachers and Counsellors Association), Kraków, Poland, 2004

A flowing story denying the opinion that the Poles are anti-Semite, testified by the life of bishop Albin Małysiak.


Special Prizes

SIGNIS International Prize

4029 The Cashbook

directed by Praveen Fenn, Nigel Vincent, Marina Patrao

produced by Whitelight Aproxm 8, India

A feature film showing how love and friendship triumph over the temptation to live easily and wealthily but with the help of magic. Young authors direct the message of the story to their peers. The film is produced with new technologies so it can be presented in the internet and on VCDs.

SIGNIS International Honourable Mention

4062 Cena życia

The price of life

directed by Father Andrzej Baczyński

produced by TVP S.A. Kraków Division, Program 3, Warsaw, Poland, 2004

Ordinary, but still unordinary. The Ulms, a family of 6 from Markowa are all killed by the Hitler soldiers for hiding 8 Jews. Special appreciation for the authors of the film for their effort to preserve the truth about those difficult years of war.

SIGNIS Belarus Prize

4034 Czerwony Kościół

A red church

directed by Krzysztof Kubiak

produced by TVP S.A. Telewizja Polonia, Warsaw, Poland

For touching the topic of Belarus. A closer view on what Polish and Belarusian history have in common on and the problems of the Catholic church in Belarus.


The Prize of the Franciscan Monastery in Niepokalanów
and the National Association “Knigts of Immaculata”

4138 Gwałtownik wiary – rzecz o ks. Franciszku Blachnickim

The man of faith – the life of Father Frannis Blachnicki

directed by Adam Kraśnicki

produced by Księgarnia św. Jacka, Katowice, Polan, TVP S.A. Katowice Division, Poland, 2005

The man of a film portrait of a person and his work – a portrait of Father Franciszek Blachnicki, a truly interesting and charismatic personality of Polish contemporary church, the founder of “Light – Life” Movement.

Special Prize of Bishop Adam Lepa

4067 Droga, prawda, życie

The Way, the Truth and the Life

directed by Lech A. Kujawski

produced by M.K. Production – Marcin Kunicki, Gdynia, Poland 2004

The film covers a very actual problem of manipulation in the media and can serve as an instruction for the young generation how to identify the way facts get misrepresented in mass media.

Special Prize of the Polish Association of Human Life Defenders

4135 Szansa na życie – Hospicja

A chance for life – Hospices

directed by Monika Jargot-Kędzierska

produced by Wytwórnia Filmowa “Dydakta”, Warsaw, Poland, 2004

For presenting one of the forms of building the civilisation of life, namely the work of hospices, where terminally sick patients receive medical and psychological assistance, and for supplying a positive alternative for euthanasia.