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Międzynarodowy Katolicki Festiwal  Filmów i Multimediów
The International Catholic Film and Multimedia Festival  

ul. Barska 2;  02-315 Warszawa, POLSKA 
tel/fax. (+48-22) 823-44-89;  skype (+48-22) 389 6309   
e-mail:  ksf@festiwalniepokalanow.pl   
Skype: "ksfniepokalanow"

  Konto Bankowe: Katolickie Stowarzyszenie Filmowe >>> 
PKO SA  O/Warszawa, Nowogrodzka 50;
 nr 53 1240 6218 1111 0000 4616 2265 

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THE 27th FESTIVAL Niepokalanow 2012
Grand Prix - Edith Stein - the Patron of Europe"
Verdict of the Jury

Sent in films >>
radio programs>>
and multimedia programs>>

from 14 countries
Austria, Australia, Belorus, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Hungary, Italy, Israel, Spain, Russia, USA and Poland,

[Rozmiar: 197308 bajtów] [Rozmiar: 197308 bajtów]
The Grand Prix from 2011 was given to the producer of the feature film "13 Dzień" (the 13th Day) - Leo Hughes (Great Brittain), Roman Kracewicz, Andrzej Szadkowski and Zygmunt Gutowski (KSF).

Leo Hughes o Cudzie w Fatimie>>
The Award "Media in the service of the Gospel"
was given to Grupo EDEBE Spain ( Marta Palomares - foto ZG)
In the last day of the festival was presented a new film of Eugene Starky from USA, (author of the film "CorespondentBryan") - "Giotto and his secrets"

[Rozmiar: 197308 bajtów] [Rozmiar: 197308 bajtów]

The authors of the film "The 13 Day" and the writer, author of the poems for children
- Jolanta Horodecka-Wieczorek>>

Festival was broadcasted live in the internet
Telewizja Odnowa (TV Renewal) www.tvodnowa.org >>

[Rozmiar: 197308 bajtów]

KATALOG 2012.word >> KATALOG 2012.html >>

Conference "Digital Media in Education"
Festival Program >>
Between the 9th to the 13th of May 2012 took place in Niepokalanow - XXVII International Catholic Film and Multimedia Festival "Niepokalanow 2012". Screenings of the festival will be held as well during the Fair of Catholic Publishers at the Royal Castle in Warsaw on the day from 20 to 22 April 2012. From 1986 this one of the few Catholic film festivals and perhaps the only festival in the world Multimedia Festival collected more than 5 thousands feature films, amateur films and documentaries, television and radio programs, multimedia presentations and websites from more than 50 countries around the world and all continents. The deadline to end in the works is the 31st of January 2012 You can use the Entry Form placed o the www.festiwalniepokalanow.pl website and attached with this e-mail. .The Motto of this year's Festival referring to the Pope Benedict XVI's Message for World Communications Day 2011 is "The Saint. Maximilian Kolbe - a precursor in the preaching of the digital age " On behalf of the Organizing Committee Niepokalanow 2012 Festival we are cordially inviting all the artists and multimedia enthusiasts as well as sponsors and media sponsors Chairmen of the Organizing Committee Niepokalanow 2012:Festival : Fr Stanislaw Pietka - Guardian of the Franciscan Fathers Monastery in Niepokalanow Danuta Stachyra - President of the Catholic Film Association (tel. 604455824) and Fr Jacek Staszewski - director of , Niepokalanow Monastery (tel 668 256 072 ) and Zygmunt Gutowski - programming director of the Festival, vice president of KSF (tel. 602126206). Festival Office: Catholic FilmAssociation . Barska Street 2, 02-315 Warsaw, Tel: +48 8234489 www.festiwaniepokalanow.pl e-mail: ksf@festiwalniepokalanow.pl
The Program of the Festival Niepokalanov 2012
Wednesday May 9, 2012 r
11 00. Holy Mass in the Basilica Niepokalanowskiej to start Niepokalanow Festival 2012
12 00 Solemn Opening of the Festival - Hall of St. Bonaventure
13 00 Lunch break
14.30 - 21.30 Screenings of the films
Thursday May 10, 2012 r
9 00 - 10 30 Screenings of the films
11 00 - 12 Holy Mass. in the Chapel
13.15 - 21.30 Screenings of the films
Friday May 11, 2012 r
9 00 - 10 30 Screenings of the films
11 00.Holy Mass in the Chapel
13.15 - 21.30 Screenings of the films
Saturday May 12, 2012 r
8 00.Holy Mass in the Chapel
9 30 Outdoor event
18 00 Closing Ceremony of the Festival - Hall of St. Bonaventure
20 30 Screenings of the films
Sunday May 13, 2012 r
9 00 - 12 30 Screenings of the films awarded at the Festival
13 00 Holy Mass. in the Basilica Niepokalanow
at the end of the FestivalNiepokalanow 2012

"The 13th Day"
by Ian and Dominic Higgins (England, Portugal)>>

Jury Annoucement >>

[Rozmiar: 73064 bajtów]    [Rozmiar: 136612 bajtów]
Pawel Woldan - the author of tv drama "Wiernosc" and Dominik Tarczyński the autor
of the documentary " Columbia the hope of the world"
Fr CM Paul representative of the 100 Cities for Peace Association handing on the PAX URBI  Award to Niepokalanow and to the Catholic Film Association - the Organizers of Festival Niepokalanow.

Niepokalanow 2011 on You Tube:

1/ Julian Kulenty prize,"Media in the service of the Gospel"
For the authors from abroad for the whole of their creative activity:

[Rozmiar: 140806 bajtów]      [Rozmiar: 25767 bajtów]
-  professor Shigeki Chiba – Japan
the author of films sent to Niepokalanów Festival:
- about Fr Maksymilian Kolbe and blessed Mother Teresa
-  Auschwitz, A Miracle of Love (26F038)   -  I Mother Teresa to Ikiru ( 26F039)
[Rozmiar: 92060 bajtów]
- fr Roman Szpakowski
- president of the Catholic Editors Association
2/ The prize of Juliusz Braun, the president of Telewizja Polska S.A.
-Publisher: A-Z from Krakow
for the production of the film related to the Year of Kolbe announced by the Senate of the Republic of Polish, “Nie gaście ducha Ojca Maksymiliana” (26F174) ("Do not forget the spirit of Father Maximilian") directed by Margaret Pabis, and for many years of evangelizing activity.
3/The award of His Eminence, Cardinal Józef Glemp
[Rozmiar: 44025 bajtów]
- Grzegorz Królikiewicz  Studio „N”
for „Kern” (26F145), a film which depicts  noble struggles of a man of deep faith with life's  tragedies  and  adversity during the difficult transition  in Poland.
4/award of His Eminence, Cardinal Kazimierz Nycz Archbishop of Warsaw
for a workrelated to the Year of Beatification of Pope John Paul II- Tryptyk - Projekt życia wg nauczania Jana Pawła II   - Od początku do końca i początku
( Triptych - The project of life according to  the teachings of John Paul II  from the beginning  to the end and  beginning) directed by Iwona Meus-Jargusz, Piotr Jaworski Polska
5/Signis Belarus Award

- Carlo a Paola de Biase  Włochy
for a film  La Madonnina Ha Pianto per L’umanita   (26F138)
and for long term support for Niepokalanów Festivals and Magnificat on Belarus

[Rozmiar: 37653 bajtów]
Festival Banner with the Program >> 

Program of the Festival Niepokalanow 2011 >>>

Films and programs nominated to the awards >>

Films and programs nominated to the mentions >>>

Personal Participation >>

The authors of all sent in entries are cordially invited
to the Festival between the 1st and the 5th of June, 2011.

will take place between the 1st and the 5th of June 2011 in Niepokalanow.  
Cordially Welcome!  
We are closing the list of entries
The DVDs of the films, tv, radio and multimedia programs
have to be delivered before the 15th of February, 2011
Sent in films and tv programs>>
Sent in radio programs>>
Till now we've received appr. 200 films, tv, radio and multimedia programs
from 22 countries :Armenia, Australia, Croatia,
Czech Republic,  Indonesia, France, India, Israel, Japan, Canada,  Kenia, Macedonia, Germany,
Portugal, Rusia, Slovakia, USA, Great Brittain, Hungary. Italy, Zambia and Poland

Trials of sent in films and programs:

We are still waiting the films on st Maximilian Kolbe, Mother Teresa and Pope John Paul II, who will be beatificated teh 1st f May. 2011 (special awards)
Catholic Film Association is very grateful for the Christmas and New Year wishes sent by: Nuncio -Arcybishop Celestino Migliore,  Prmate Senior - Cardinali Joseph Glemp , Infulaet Ireneusz Skubis + chief editor of Niedziela Weekly, Guardian of Niepokalanow + father Stanisław Pietka and chairman of  Prawicy RP and many other friends of Catholic Film Association and Niepokalanow Festival

[Rozmiar: 48799 bajtów]    [Rozmiar: 266624 bajtów]   [Rozmiar: 166914 bajtów]   [Rozmiar: 303024 bajtów]


[Rozmiar: 164330 bajtów]



International Jury Annoucement
Films and radio programs;>;>
Multimedia and Web Sites;>;>

GRAND PRIX - " POPIELUSZKO" by Rafal Wieczynski (Poland)

You Tube http://www.youtube.com/niepokalanowfestiwal

Films nominated to the awards>>
Films mentioned by Selection Commission>>
Films additionally promoted by Selection Commission>>
Radio programs nominated to the awards>>
Multimedia nominated tp the awards>>
Program of the screenings
Films and TV Programs nominations to awards

Czwartek  27 maja 2010/ Thursday, the 27th
9,.oo - 11.00 Recepcja

11.oo Msza św, Bazylika w Niepokalanowie-abp Kazimierz Nycz–Metropolita Warszawski
12.15 Uroczyste otwarcie Festiwalu
14.30 Obiad
15.30 (5026) The Last Appeal (USA) (33’)

16.10 Kawa, herbata

16.25 (5059) Nurunguvettangal (Indie) (56’)

17.30 (5093) Magazyn Katolicki „Ichtis”- Przystanek Jezus (5’)  18.00 Kolacja
18.30 Refleksje – o. Stanisław Piętka
19.00 (5013) Dwadzieścia tajemnic Różańca -Tajemnice Chwalebne (Włochy/ Polska) (60’)
20.05 (5034) Lech Majewski. Świat według Bruegela (45’)
20.55 (5109) My, wy, oni - Śmierć dziecka (25’)
21.25 (5116) Pielgrzymka (28’)
22.oo Zakończenie projekcji
Piątek 28 maja 2010/ Friday, the 28th
08.oo Śniadanie
08.45 (5062) Bajki z krainy pieców (42’)
09.35 Kawa, herbata
09.50 (5159) Kikomeko2 (20)
10.15 (5051) Abp. Fiodorow. Prawda i ciemność (Rosja) (20’)
11.oo Msza św.
12.15 Obiad

13.15 (5122) Przyjaciółki (60’)|
14.20 (5017) Historia Kowalskich (60’)
15.25 Kawa, herbata
15.40 (5139) Kroniki zapowiedzianej śmierci - Oni chcą mnie zabić (45’)
16.30 (5144) Perełka (27’)
17.05 (5078) Ente Ettavum PriyapettaTeacherku (Indie) (24’)      18.00 Kolacja
18.30 Refleksje – o. Stanisław Piętka
18.45 (5018) Duch (51’)
19.45 (5075) Fidei Testis –Świadek Wiary (Białoruś) (49’)
20.40 (5008) Pamięć (45’)
21.30 (5136) Notacje - Czerwone noce na Wołyniu. o. Hieronim Warachim (10’)
21.40 (5127) Notacje - Żarty Karola Wojtyły – ks. bp Adam Dyczkowski (10’)
22.oo Zakończenie projekcji
Sobota 29 maja 2010 / Saturday, the 29th
8.oo Msza św
8/45 Śniadanie
Dzień Chopinowski (za zaproszeniami)
9.30 Wyjazd z Niepokalanowa – autokar, samochody
10.oo Brochów – miejsce Chrztu Św. Fryderyka Chopina                
11.30 Żelazowa Wola – zwiedzanie Dworku Chopina
13.oo Chata Mokas – wiejski poczęstunek, potrawy regionalne
15.3o Sochaczew, Koncert w Kościele św. Wawrzyńca 
Równolegle - Projekcje Konkursowe
10.00 (5053) Prymas w Komańczy (60’)
11.35 (5064)Fatima ujawnia swe tajemnice (28’)
11.50 (5112) Tutaj zawsze byliśmy wolni (58’)
13.00 (5125) Popiełuszko-Wolność jest w nas (149’)        18.00 Kolacja
18.30 Refleksje – o. Stanisław Piętka
19.00 Spektakl teatralny-Pieśń o życiu i śmierci Chopina wg Romana Brandstaettera
         – reż. Anna Osławska, Theatrum Mundi Kraków
20.30 Projekcje filmów o Chopinie, - reż. Małgorzata Jedynak-Pietkiewicz
22.oo Zakończenie projekcji
Niedziela 30 maja/ Sunday, the 30th
8.oo Msza św
9.00 – 11.00 Projekcje programów multimedilanych
13.oo Msza św.Bazylika w Niepokalanowie
 14.oo Uroczyste Zakończeniu Festiwalu Niepokalanów 2010, Agapa
16.00 – 19.oo Projekcje filmów nagrodzonych


Biuro Festiwalu Niepokalanów ul. Barska 2; 02-315 Warszawa, Polskaksf@festiwalniepokalanow.pl;  www.festiwalniepokalanow.pl; tel. 0 602 126 206 ; Tel. 0 604 455 824 ; Tel. 0-22 823 44 89 

We received
171 films and tv programs>>
40 radio programs>>
from 17 countries:
Argentina, Bełorus, Canada, Croatia, Ghana, Mongolia, Spain, India, Kenya, Rusia, Taiwan i China, Ukraine, USA, Italy and Poland

The details you can find on the Festival website 

The deadline to send in
multimedia programs and short internet films>>
and web sites is the 31st of March 2010.
We cordially inviting you to participate in the Festival Niepokalanow 2010
and support this jubillee event
Catholic Film Association
Fetival Niepokalanow Organizing Committee
Barska2; 02-315 Warszawa, POLAND
mobile: +48 602 126 206 phone: +4822  823 44 89
skype:   zgutowski

Live podcast and videos
Chiang Mai, Thailand - About 660 participants from 70 countries have gathered in Chiang Mai, Thailand from October 17-21 to attend the World Congress of SIGNIS (the World Catholic Association for Communication) on the theme "Media for a Culture of Peace: Children’s Rights, Tomorrow’s Promise". The Congress also includes 100 students between the ages of 13 to 15 from schools in Chiang Mai who are participating in a workshop on Children’s Voices on the Rise – children’s rights in a digital world. The President of SIGNIS, Augustine Loorthusamy, in his opening address stressed that, media practitioners must both respect the rights of children and ensure that their voices are heard.
Internetowe i Katolickie Telewizje   na świecie (linki)N

TV Trwam na żywo:  mms:// 
Akademicka Internetowa Telewizja Naukowa 
Telewizja Matki Angeliki (USA) 
TV NOE Republika Czeska i Słowacja >>>

Katolickie Stowarzyszenie Filmowe / SIGNIS -http://www.signis.net/
Film Jezus w 140 językach świata   www.jesusfilm.org/languages/index.html 


maksymilian.jpg (77121 bytes)  
Grand Prix
Saint Maximilian


  [Rozmiar: 11223 bajtów]
Joseph Cardinal Glemp
- Primate Senior of Poland

  [Rozmiar: 11223 bajtów]

[Rozmiar: 11223 bajtów]
[Rozmiar: 11223 bajtów]
Radio Niepokalanów
Nasz Dziennik

[Rozmiar: 10779 bajtów]  

http://www.warszawa.mazowsze.pl/  Fundacji Polska-Europa-Polonia

[Rozmiar: 10779 bajtów]  

Klub Miłośników Dobrych Mediów
[Rozmiar: 8942 bajtów]
[Rozmiar: 13662 bajtów]
Przewodnik Katolicki

[Rozmiar: 82171 bajtów]
Tygodnik "Idziemy"

[Rozmiar: 17402 bajtów] Portal e-sochaczew >>

[Rozmiar: 23233 bajtów]

Magazyn RUaH


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